Eni Rosnija – Drama Rev


PenulisDr. Eni Rosnija.
Jenis KertasHVS
Ukuran Buku17,6 cm x 25 cm
Jumlah Halaman90
Tahun Terbit2021
SinopsisThe purpose of this book is to give a brief explanation of teaching English through drama. It is designed for students of the English Education Study Program and for English teachers who are interested in teaching English via drama technique.




Chapter one contains the introduction of drama. It deals with the definition of drama, elements of drama; plot, role, mind, dialogue, music, and stage. Besides, it covers the types of drama; tragedy, comedy, melodrama, and farce. At the end of this chapter, students need to complete the exercises related to the element and the types of drama based on the drama script given. Chapter two discusses some reasons why drama in English language Teaching. In this chapter, students will learn the benefits of using drama in English Language teaching. By having a good understanding of the benefits of drama, it is hoped that they can be more motivated to used drama in teaching English. Then, chapter three focuses on the implementation of using drama in teaching four skills of English; reading, speaking listening, and writing. This chapter gives some steps that the lecturers and teachers can follow to guide their students to get involved in the drama techniques to improve their students’ ability in that four skills.