Neneng Fahira Sudirman, dkk-English Speaking for Front Office

Judul BukuEnglish Speaking for Front Office
PenulisNeneng Fahira Sudirman, dkk
Jenis KertasHVS
Ukuran Buku14,7 cm x 21 cm
Jumlah Halaman84
Tahun Terbit2023
SinopsisThe purpose of this book is to improve students’ speaking skills. There are various forms of activities contained, such as a wide range of creative speaking tasks, including rearranging and finishing a dialogue, and activities to improve pupils’ speaking skills, including phonetic transcriptions and pronunciation drills.


In this book students will learn about the reservation service for a hotel room by the front office service. The reservation service in question is divided into several units, namely telephone reservations, individual reservations, reservation renewals, and reservation cancellations. This is necessary so that you can master and implement the reservation system at a hotel. This book also focuses on improving English language skills. In this module, you will learn the vocabulary and expressions used in the context of a reservation. There is also a dialogue when making a reservation and various forms of assignment. After studying the material of this book, you are expected to be able to apply attitudes, knowledge, and language skills in their lives, especially in their field of expertise.