Surmiyati-Essay Writing: Steps, Examples and Practices


Judul BukuEssay Writing: Steps, Examples and Practices
PenulisSurmiyati, M.Ed
Jenis KertasHVS
Ukuran Buku17,6 cm x 25 cm
Jumlah Halaman137
Tahun Terbit2021
SinopsisAlongside the brief theories, this book also presents the students with opportunities to practice analysing writing models. The writing model intends to visualize an accurate picture of writing product the students could learn from and stimulates a better recall for relevant vocabularies and appropriate grammar constructions. The examples were drawn from various sources profoundly suggested by experienced writing practitioners.


The practice part gives the students space to undertake the informed steps necessary to produce an equally similar quality of the writing piece. The questions and items in practice provide the students with a likely easy flow of exercise through a graded organized difficulty level.