Wardah-Listening Comprehension

Judul BukuListening Comprehension
Jenis KertasHVS
Ukuran Buku17,6 cm x 25 cm
Jumlah Halaman90
Tahun Terbit2020
SinopsisThis book is designed for undergraduate students of the English Education study program. That is, to provide the listening material for learning, supporting, and developing the skill of listening comprehension. Each chapter contains theories of listening and listening practice.


Chapter 1 covers a brief explanation of listening comprehension. It deals with the definition of listening comprehension, aspects of listening comprehension, stages format lesson in listening comprehension, and listening practice. Chapter 2 focuses on the process of listening comprehension: Top-down and bottom-up processes. Chapter 3 deals with the types of listening instruction: Intensive Listening and Extensive listening and the types of the task of each, and listening practice. In the listening practice part, various forms of a task are presented. It provides the listening comprehension task, cloze exercise, matching task, and vocabulary exercise. Three stages underlie the listening practice: Before listening, main activity, and after listening. Before listening, prior knowledge is dug to direct students to engage in the topic learned. In the main activity, a recording is played and some tasks should be completed. After the listening part, the students discuss the listening topic that is related to the experience and culture. The focus is to give students step by step guidance on the practice of listening comprehension.